Perth Point of Sale is an award-winning technology firm providing services in Point of Sale Hardware, Software, and Systems. Since its establishment, we have developed and supported integrated Point of Sale systems in the hospitality and retail sectors.

With over 6, 000 clients to our credit, we have made a name as the leading retailer of Point of Sale accessories in WA. At Perth Point of Sale, we offer tremendous advantages to business managers that can help them optimise their POS solution by providing the best POS software and hardware from the well-known suppliers.

Our Mission

At Perth Point of Sale, our mission is to build a long-lasting system that is far better than just being functional by providing quality products and valuable customer support to our clients. We firmly believe that a good POS can help a business drive sales and also save money from existing transactions

What We Do

At Perth Point of Sale, we provide an exceptional point of sales services to over 6,000 customers in WA. We specialise in supporting retail businesses in the retail or hospitality sector, whether your interest is in POS Software, Electronic Cash Registers, iPad Point of Sale, Touch Screen Point of Sale System, Tablets or any other accessories, we will ensure that you get the best solution for you at an affordable price.

Our team

We are made up of a team of energetic and dedicated staffs with years of experience who provide solutions tailored to meet the individual need of each business through consulting, training, implementation and customer service.

Our customer support staffs are always online to provide answers to your complain and arrange short meetings with you, after which we can recommend the best Point of Sale solution for you.

Our Services

At Perth Point of Sale we design solutions for:
• Retail & Hospitality
• Multistore Management
• Integrated Analytics & Reporting Tools
• Full EFTPOS Integration
• Online eCommerce Stores
• Marketing Integration
• Accounting Integration
• Customer Loyalty, Incentives, and Promotions
• Sales monitoring and reporting
• Warehousing & Inventory Management
• Stock Purchasing

Why not take advantage of our excellent POS solution by contacting us today on <a href=”tel://0863232933″> 08 6323 2933 </a> or visit our website to book a free consultation with any of our point of sale experts.